Thursday, 19 May 2011

Webinar Invite

How to Boost Productivity and User Acceptance of Your IT Systems

Does your business need to...

  • Increase data accuracy?

  • Share information across departments?

  • Enhance customer service levels?

  • Increase sales conversion rates?

  • Work in collaboration with suppliers and customers?

... whilst reducing costs and doing more with less?

This FREE webinar profiles a live customer case study where
the latest design techniques and development tools have
radically shortened the project's design phase whilst
delivering a user centric, highly intuitive interface.

We will discuss how Oracle's next generation of development
and content management applications are embracing the
business concepts of Web 2.0 and focus on client examples
of where ADF and Webcenter tools have been used within
the boardroom to deliver:

  • Business information and knowledge shared in context

  • Alignment of business processes with user workflow

  • Higher levels of user acceptance

  • Social Media & Web 2.0 levels of intuitive use

  • (Facebook, Amazon and Internet Banking)

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