Monday, 21 September 2009

Enterprise Solution Cookbook - SOA + BI

Building Intelligent Processes with Insight-Driven Agility

For those of you who found the BPEL Cookbook useful when it was published a few years back, you will find the new series of OTN Enterprise Solution Patterns interesting. The BPEL Cookbook focussed on innovative patterns for using BPEL and including some useful SOA techniques - this series looks at more enterprise wide patterns that are suited to combining middleware technologies.

The series of articles will cover the use of multiple elements of the Oracle Fusion Middleware stack together to produce innovative business oriented solutions. The first 4 articles of this Enterprise Solution Cookbook are now live, with further articles being published over the coming months.

There will be a number of patterns covering SOA working with other technologies, this first set of articles includes one on BPA and SOA -"Process Driven SOA Development" and one on SOA and BI that I co-authored with one of my colleagues, Matt, from a current project "Building Intelligent Processes with Insight-Driven Agility".

This article discussing some key business scenarios of combining the two technologies to enrich business processes and business rules with key business intelligence data to map them closer to the way an organisation operates and to ensure business intelligence becomes truly actionable by automatically invoking processes to deal with threshold breaches on key metrics.

I'd like to thanks Harish and Neela from Oracle Product Management for their support in getting this article completed and published.

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